HousingTech Ventures is an advisory and investment platform focused on changing the housing market in a way that increases housing availability, attainability, and affordability.  We help housing portfolio owners, operators, and developers; policymakers and regulators; industry associations; and financial institutions understand how emerging solutions are transforming how housing is built, operated, occupied, and financed. We also work with early-stage companies to secure investment capital, develop and implement growth strategies, expand market awareness, and address public policy issues.

The housing affordability crisis that is currently touching every corner of the nation is solvable. But what was daunting pre-COVID-19 is now more urgent and challenging.  A new approach is needed that embraces entrepreneurial market forces to complement the policy and traditional market approaches that are effective but limited in their breadth due to resource constraints and timing. We believe that the housing market is on the cusp of a transformational change in terms of how housing is supplied and consumed.

HousingTech companies’ tech-enabled platforms will unlock tremendous value that increases affordability in a way that reduces the 7 million-unit affordability shortage and aligns the market to function in a way that better serves the needs of people seeking housing and our economy, including what is needed in light of COVID-19. They will also enable tenants to live in healthier and more supportive housing and owner-operators to create more resilient business models that protect staff, tenants, and the economic vitality of their assets.

HousingTech Ventures is your partner in housing innovation.