HousingTech Ventures is focused on working with companies with innovative, tech-enabled platform solutions that have the prospect of changing the housing market in a way that increases housing affordability, availability, and attainability.

We are looking for bold thinkers and doers whose ideas can make housing more plentiful and affordable at scale. If you are working on any aspect of the housing value chain that uses a tech-enabled platform approach, then we want to talk.

The housing affordability crisis that is currently touching every corner of the nation is solvable. But only if we bring entrepreneurial market forces to bear to complement the policy and traditional market approaches that are effective but limited in their breadth due to resource constraints and timing. We believe that the housing market is on the cusp of a transformational change in terms of how housing is supplied and consumed.

HousingTech’s tech-enabled platforms will unlock tremendous value that increases affordability in a way that reduces the 7 million-unit affordability shortage and aligns the market to function in a way that better serves the needs of people seeking housing and the overall economy.

HousingTech Ventures believes that there is a cadre of entrepreneurs who can transform the housing market in a way similar to the effect that Uber and AirBnB have had on the taxi and hotel industries.