Welcome to HousingTech Ventures

Increasing housing availability, attainability, and affordability by bringing new tech-enabled solutions to market.

At the Intersection of Housing & Technology

HousingTech Ventures is focused on backing companies that have tech-enabled platform solutions that have the prospect of changing the housing market in a way that increases affordability.

Where We Invest

HousingTech Ventures believes that there is a cadre of entrepreneurs who can transform the housing market in a way similar to the effect that Uber and AirBnB have had on the taxi and hotel industries.


Housing 2.0 Needs A New OS that Provides Health, Security and Resiliency

Technology exists that can help operators provide what tenants need now and in the future. Housing needs to reboot and adopt a new digitally-driven operating system to house low-income people in a way that enhances their health security and...

7.4 million Affordable Units Needed — Impact Real Estate Podcast

“Impact Real Estate,” Eve Picker’s terrific podcast that explores issues related to how we house ourselves in an affordable and sustainable way using responsible finance, took a look at HousingTech in the latest episode. A...

Conference Presentation Schedule

Hope to see you at one of the following events that HousingTech Ventures is participating in: March 9-10: Multifamily Executive Leadership Summit (Colorado) February 5-6: Multifamily Innovation Conference Atlanta January 21-23: NAHB Interna...